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Using FACTS to Apply for the Central California Conference Endowment Scholarship

The Central California Conference Education Department uses FACTS Management to determine the family financial need for applicants to the Endowment Scholarship.  FACTS is also the same company that manages our Student Information System.

While the process for using FACTS for the Endowment Application Process is not supposed to be difficult.  Some families struggle to complete the process.  The following documents may help families navigate through the FACTS website to submit their application for tuition assistance

To open the links on the left, click on the bold text.

For additional assistance please contact the school or FACTS directly.

The CCC Education Department has created a single-page Scholarship & FACTS Information sheet on using FACTS to apply for the Endowment Scholarship.

FACTS has created a Financial Aid Application Guide.  

The Education Department has created a PowerPoint document  that can be shared and used in assisting families through the FACTS Application Process.   This document must be downloaded before it is viewed.  The same document is available as a PDF

The FACTS Application Process document is also available as four slides per page training document where participants may take notes on the page. 

During a recent Zoom scholarship presentation on how to use FACTS to apply for a scholarship, information was presented on navigating the FACTS website to create an account and complete the application form.

The Zoom presentation was recorded and is available to download and view Here.

You may also view the accompanying video in your web browser by selecting play button on the right. (The download has a higher resolution.)

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